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Children's writing challenge


Amelia’s NHS writing challenge

Encourage your children to write

As children are at home, away from school and spending lots of time on social media it's a great chance to encourage them to write and combine their social media skills. The NHS staff are doing all they can to support the public and a thank you card goes a long way to build morale. Each time in my career I've received a thank you card it brought a smile to my face and a spring to my step.

Test out your writing skills by downloading one of Amelia's NHS thank you cards for free, colour in the rainbow and write your message. Put a smile on the face of someone in the NHS, family member or friend today by writing them a message.

The Challenge - Think about saying something that will bring a smile to their face and a spring to their step for just one day.

What do I do?

Fill out the form on this page which will be emailed to the address you enter in the form


Download the pdf which you can print then either post using Royal Mail or take a photo on your phone and upload to social media for your NHS worker to see

NHS England Media email -

Good luck with this writing challenge.


NHS Thank you card click here to open