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Head-strong and irrepressible, Amelia dreams of independence, but what price does she pay to realise it? Amelia's emotionally turbulent and at times comic journey through the stages of womanhood is both real and raw as she rises from the entrenched expectations of her time and place. However, every challenge she overcomes just leaves her and those around her wondering why she did what she did. But, it is only when her daughter's life is threatened that Amelia truly finds herself.

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Amelia commissioned female Cornish artist Mim Aylett known for her girl power paintings to create a series of images to depict the life cycle of Amelia, or indeed any woman, as she grows from childhood to motherhood which are showcased on the merchandising products...

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This is a nicely written book that keeps you turning the pages. Easy to read and I could also relate to the trials and tribulations of the main character as she navigates through life in a hectic world. I normally select crime and thriller books so wasn't sure I would enjoy this 'softer' read but it was good fun and the short story style was a bit different.


I loved this little book that is at times funny and at others sad It made me reflect on how families bind us together, friendships sustain us and helping others makes us whole.


I found the interview at the start of every chapter a clever way of informing me of the content I could look forward to. After reading a few chapters I felt like a bit of a 'snoop' as though I was reading a private diary. A good light read which is perfect for times you know are going to be interrupted or for someone with as busy a life as Amelia.


This charming collection of short, compelling stories charts the journey of a spirited and resilient little girl born in rural Ireland. The narrative tracks her path through childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood, with many challenges faced and overcome. It was an enjoyable read!


A cracking read..I couldn’t put it down! The description of spirited Amelia who loves life to the full and tries so hard to please everyone, held back in life by the social discipline self-imposed on women born in the 1960s in Catholic Ireland is fascinating. Her daughter’s critical illness and it’s consequences give her the courage to change her life. Highly recommend it. A good gift for a sister, daughter or friend.

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Great storytelling, a real page Turner!

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A lovely interesting story which makes you want to learn more about what happened next